Featured Teacher | Maggie Queen | Preschool A Lead Teacher

i Apr 3rd

Maggie Queen is our Preschool A Lead Teacher at our Park West location. Maggie was drawn […]

Featured Project: Investigating Ponds

i Apr 3rd

Preschool A has been investigating ponds. In order to put their findings into a tactical learning […]

Featured Teacher | Ms. Kay | Pre-Toddler A Lead Teacher

i Mar 4th

The lead teacher in Pre-Toddler A is Ms. Kay. Ms. Kay was born in McClellanville, SC […]

Featured Project: Bird Nests

i Mar 4th

PreToddler A students love looking for birds while outside on nature walks. To further this interest, […]

Featured Teacher | Claudette Merilice | Transitional Preschool Teacher | Park West

i Feb 6th

Claudette Merilice, Transitional Preschool teacher, is from James Island, SC. Ms. Claudette loves spending time with […]

Featured Project: Circular Motion

i Feb 5th

Our Transitional Preschool classroom at our Park West center recently learned all about motion! The class […]

Exciting News from CDC Park West!

i Jan 16th

We are excited to announce our new Park West assistant director Maureen Begley. While she was […]

Featured Project: The Wonder of Dragonflies

i Jan 16th

During a pond investigation, children noticed dragonflies. These curious creatures begin their lives in water before […]

Featured Teacher: Jimmetta Reid | Lead Teacher | Venning Road

i Jan 16th

Ms. Jimmetta Reid is a Pre-Toddler C lead teacher at our Venning Road center. She is […]

Featured Project: Investigating Nature’s Floor

i Dec 3rd

The children of our Toddler A class demonstrated an interest in observing the different elements of […]